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   Welcome to Kedanya!
Kedanya is designed to provide facilities where people can meet to discuss various games and activities in and around the SF/Fantasy genre available that might interest them. Everyone is welcome here; all you need to do is sign up for an ID and indicate your choice of a main genre (or none). Then simply go to the chats, and you'll find a number of people who are willing to help you through the basics.

   A major activity are the RPGs, or roleplaying games. Anyone is welcome to join in an active session or simply find enough people to play and start your own. Kedanya hosts The Krath's Lair, the Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi RPGs and run on boards.

   Kedanya is designed for a multitude of different ideas, and as such we provide a number of utilities you may find useful. In addition, we have chat rooms specifically set aside to play some of the CCGs. In the sidebar you'll find a heading marked with your main genre. Below the header are links to various points of interest, including the chat rooms. Simply click on the link and you'll find yourself there.

 To the right you will find a link to sign up for an ID, follow it for instructions. We hope to see you around soon.

- The Guides
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