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Welcome to the Lord of the Rings TCG Card Utility area of Kedanya Station. Here you can find a powerful Online Database, a Booster Draft utility, and Virtual Pack/Sealed Deck Generator. Click one of the links to go to a specific area.


LotR TCG Online Database - Here you can find the LotR Online Database, where you can view the full text versions of the cards, perform searches for specific cards, and more. A great tool for a LotR TCG Player!

LotR TCG Booster Draft Utility - Hook up with some other Kedanyazins and have a great time drafting boosters. Once you finish, feel free to post them on the Deck BBS to look at and have fun with other drafts.

LotR TCG Sealed Deck Generator - Extremely Bored? Running a Sealed Deck Tournament? This utility allows creates virtual packs for your use, with the ability to sort them by various measures.