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  Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game (LotR TCG) area on Kedanya Station! Here you can play games or chat with other LotR TCG players about Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, or just about anything that crosses your mind.

  We run relatively frequent online tournaments which anyone can sign up for, but these are certainly not the only times people are allowed to play. Simply go to the Lounge and ask around to see if anyone will play a game with you; just about any player will be happy to show you through your first game online.

  We've got a fully functional Lord of the Rings TCG searchable database, along with planned Booster Draft and Sealed Deck utilities. An online Hall of Fame is in the works, and we also have strategy articles written by Rom, a Decipher Rider of Rohan.

  Feel free to explore this area and the other areas as well on the rest of Kedanya. If you have any question or comments, please send them to the LotR admin team at

Enjoy your stay!

Your LotRTCG Admin Team:
Gollum, Grey 1, LotRTCG Admin Team Leader
Aragorn, Grey 9, LotRTCG Activities Coordinator
Legolas Greenleaf, Blue 5, LotRTCG Public Relations