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One must fall

Caldoran's sun was a giant blue star, located at the edge of a small cluster at the edge of the Federation. There was nothing special about the cluster or the star, except one would call the fact that the only planet was orbited by a station under the control of the Federation, but used by many races not member of the interstellar alliance, in any way special.
Currently there was only one ship docked here. A new Federation starship was awaiting it's crew. A formerRomulan Warbird, the now renamed USS Reunion was about ready to move on to the far regions of space, ready to get her crew to their first adventure.
The sunbeams reflected by the hull of the starship made it look like a small sun itself. Not that the shipwas really small. Warbirds belonged to the biggest known ships. But what was any artificial structure compared to the wonders of nature, to the greatness and beauty space had to offer.
Those who didn't know about the station and it's purpose would certainly consider the Caitian station with the docked Warbird, both marked with Federation signs, a strange sight. For the people who lived on Kedanya and passed here often to visit it was quite normal. All races and alliances came to this place from time to time. whoever lived here was used to very different kinds of creatures.
At the current point many of the station's personnel, the same people that formed the ship's crew, were on board of the Reunion, doing their best to get the ship ready for a first test flight. It all looked like chaos, and in fact, it was, but it was organzied chaos after all...
A short silence...
"What happened?"
"Where is he?"
"He fell down!"
"Fell down?"
"The Captain!"
"Fell down where?"
"The turbolift..."
The bridge crew of the U.S.S. Reunion gathered in front of the turbolift door to see it for themselves.Well, everyone knew that this Warbird still needed some things to be fixed, but the turbolift was alwaysworking up to now.
"Captain?" The counselor's voice was more amused than really worried, Captain Crusher had been in worse situaitons without hurting himself. "Are you all right?"
"Number One!" The loud voice from down there showed that he was. After all, the lift was stuck directly under the bridge. So Captain Crusher only fell about 3 meters. He really had been in worse situations..."Captain?" RoToRa appeared in the still open door, looking down. "Are you..."
"Yes, yes... I am alright." The Captain was already climbing up, almost as amused as his counselor.
"Didn't you tell me the lift was the one part of this ship that was working fine?"
"I said it seemed to work fine, Sir... that's a slight difference!" The former Borg looked at the Captain, certainly asking himself why "normal" humans were so impercise most of the time.
"Oh, well, fine..." Crusher stared down and shook his head. "See to it, number One. I do not plan to have the crew climb up and down all the time."
"We could as well beam them," the Romulan Science Officer smiled.
The Captain scratched his head, grinning at R'Mor. "As if the transporter would work in a reliable way."
"We have just started to overhowl this ship, Sir," RoToRa pointed out.
"I know that as well, Number One... good luck we do not tend to get emergency calls here telling us we are the only ship in this sector."
When the Captain hurried towards the second lift, this time making sure there was a lift before he stepped through the door, the Chief of Security, Daramere, called him back. "Uhm, Captain, actually... we do get an emergency call just now... and, believe it or not..." The Lieutenant shrugged his shoulders, while everyone on the bridge stared at him with disbelieve. "Well, we are the only ship in this sector."
"Amen," said Dr. Bob, who had been watching the whole scene quietly up to now. He had been here since some time now after being called to fix a broken Klingon finger. He was never to find out how Kurn had managed to break his finger while testing buttons on a Romulan touchsceen.
The whole crew tried to avoid looking at the Captain, who was still standing in the door of the lift. He was said to cause some things happen with just a thought... Well, maybe...
"What is the nature of this emergency?" the Captain asked, walking back to his chair.
"A Klingon Ship, Sir..." Daramere quickly put the details on screen. "It has been attacked by the Ferengi."
"Ferengi?" Kurn frowned. "And they are calling for help?"
"They do." Daramere couldn't help but smile at the thought.
"Well, let's go there, what else..." Crusher pointed to the screen. "And if it is only to find out what is going on."
"Maybe," Kurn grumbled, "we can have a good laugh at those Klingons."
"Enga... I mean, are we ready to engage, Number One?"
"We are, Captain, we are."
"Then, engage!" Crusher did his best not to notice the slight hesitation before the Klingon navigator managed to control the Warbird. It was a start for everyone. They would certainly soon be a good team to work with...

Fade... A strange, and beautiful planet comes into view... orbited by a glittering space station shapes likea cross. Majestically, a D'Deridex-Class warbird undocks and heads towards the viewer, as the voice-over begins...

Space - the final chaos. This are the voyages of the starship Reunion, her incredible unusual mission to seek out new ways of living together and new civilizations toplay cards with, to boldly go where no one has gone before!

Fade... to the ongoing story !