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What is a role playing game (RPG)?

These games are usually played by groups of two or more people; 4 to 7 are typical. One player is the Game Master (GM) who defines the imaginary environment in which the game is played. Sometimes the GM is referred to as Dungeon Master, Storyteller, Referee, etc. He/she creates a make-believe world through which the players will move and have their adventures. The players each create a single imaginary character, defining their shape, race, intellectual and physical powers, armament, protective devices, supplies and materials. The GM decides what traps, obstacles and encounters the imaginary characters will meet. Sometimes the GM holds the post for a long time; in other groups, the job rotates among the membership.

Adventures may include play-acting the rescuing of people, the quest for money, treasure, power, knowledge and sometimes even survival of the pretend character. Each player makes ethical, philosophical and moral decisions on behalf of her/his imaginary character as the game develops. The GM describes the environment, the events and the actions of supporting characters (also called non-player characters or NPCs). The players describe their pretend character's actions and reactions. The GM then tells them the results. Many games use the rolling of dice in order to resolve conflicts and to determine the results of various actions (e.g. trying to disarm a trap or leap across a chasm, etc.). Future sessions begin where the previous session quit. Games can continue for years.

What's the Kedanya RPG?

Quite simple, a RPG set in the surroundings of Kedanya station, or any other location the GM decides to choose. As regular visitor of the Kedanya chat rooms you have picked a handle, this is the person you play - you ARE - in the Kedanya RPG. You simply imagine you lived aboard Kedanya.

What happens there?

Imagine it and it can happen. From personal relations to galaxy wars or great peace treaties, from revolutionary new technologies to whatever you want to play... The only limit is your own imagination.
The first "real" Kedanya RPG was a marriage, by the way, as some of you might remember. :)

What are the rules of the Kedanya RPG?

There are no dice, no tables or anything you might know from different RPGs, such as AD&D, etc. You can imagine it like being an actor who has to know his role. The difference: you don't have a script. You act as you feel your character would, what doesn't necessarily involve to be heroic or brave. The fun is to stay in character, whatever happens. Thus there are no rules except of general behavoir, no exaggerations and, of course, to respect your fellow players and the GM if one is leading the game.

Hmm, okay, got that now, but what does it mean for me?

It means for you that you don't need to 'create' a character with defined attributes but to simply play him/her out when the time comes! :-)

When do the players meet?

Whenever we manage to get organized to. ;-) Keep an eye on the BBS and the mailing list, and periodically one of the organizers will announce a time to gather for an RPG and you can try to be there then. Alternatively, when you're in an RPG mood you can just load up the RPG Pager (linked above) and hope to find somebody else also online right then looking for a game, and you can have a quick improv.

When I'm making my character, what Rank should I choose?

Choose whatever you think would be reasonable, and fits in with how you want to play them. However, to keep the organization from getting top-heavy, it's best if you pick Lieutenant or lower, unless you've earned a higher rank on Kedanya Station, or have special permission from Game Masters. If you attend a lot of RPGs and take a good active part, the Game Masters will recognize that and so your character might periodically gain promotions within the games.

What about Intellectual Property, and all that Legal Stuff?

Any character that you create and bring into this group will remain your own Intellectual Property, and nobody else will be able to play as that character without your permission. However, any interactions that the character makes with other characters here, or just with the background of the station at all (in other words, the stories he helps tell) become public domain, usable by anybody with permission from Kedanya Station. In other words, once you've helped to tell a story, you're part of that story and although nobody can change it, anybody is free to reference it for any just reason.

Okay, how do I join?

First of all you need to make yourself a name in the Kedanya chatrooms. This means you need to be a regular visitor and also need to have a handle which can be used for a RPG persona. It does NOT need to be a Star Trek handle, but it shouldn't be "Motorbiker 266" for example.
Then send an email to kedanya-rpg-subscribe@eGroups.com and you will be added to the Kedanya RPG mailing list. You will recieve information about the next meeting, etc, from there. Also, keep a close eye on the BBS (linked from the top of this page) for more information and discussion.

Have fun! :-)