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Quick overview in alphabetical order

Please note that general areas like "tournaments" are not listed here. Individual, reoccuring tournaments are.

8 Players Tournament - Sign up for play in different formats. Tournaments start as soon as there are 8 players for a format.
Card Utilities - Drafts, Sealed Decks and a general database.
Chat Room - Chat about everything Star Trek.
Hall of Fame - Find out about Kednaya's Star Trek CCG rating.
Playing Room 1 - Play STCCG online.
Playing Room 2 - Play STCCG online.
Standard Constructed Tournaments - Just what the name says. Sign up for one and join the fun.
Star Trek Online Team Challenge - Kedanya's Team tournament. Get a team and chose a format.
STCCG Message Board - Tournament information and other relevant stuff.
Story Board - The U.S.S. Reunion stories and more.
Transcript Archives - Read up transcripts of former STCCG games.
Warpspeed Tournaments - For those who love faster play. Join in and have fun.
WNOHGB Magazine - Visit the best online magazine for STCCG.
WNOHGB Message Board - Want to comment on the latest WNOHGB or have any questions? Here you go.