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The Sigil of A'Ron (SoA)

Given only by the Travelers, this golden amulet has a unique shape for each bearer, usually in the form of a rune or alien letter. It is worn on a solid Latinum chain around the neck. It is the highest honor to be conferred on a Kedanyizen.

This award is given for outstanding contributions that made massive improvements Kedanya as a whole over the course of several years.

Kym's Ring (KmR)

Established and awarded by Kedanya's Caitian founders, this ring, shaped as a cat clutching her own tail, is made of platinum, set with two diamonds as the cat's eyes.

The award is given for a single outstanding contribution that has a lasting effect on Kedanya as a whole.

The Draclon Bracelet (DBr)

Forged of the purest silver, this Klingon bracelet is not given to a bearer before it has rested in a cave on Q'onos for at least a century.

It is awarded to those who have shown consistent and above-average contributions over a long time that each do not merit an award for themselves but as a whole do deserve an honorable recognition.

Interdimensional Key (IK)

A plain iron key is placed on a blackened iron rendering of a doorway. This award is worn as a shoulder pin on the right side. Upgrades show the key as bronce (2nd award / ), silver (3rd award / IKS) and finally gold (4th award / IKG).

This award is given for any significant contribution, especially those that benefit several games on Kedanya or winning of a major non-CCG competition.

The Gold Galaxy (GGx)

Intricately shaped of gold to resemble a spiral galaxy, this pin is worn on the left side on the chest, above the communicator (all "left chest" awards are placed in one line, the most important one towards the outside)

It is awarded for winning an online world championship tourney.

Upgrades: This award combines with other Galaxy awards. Additional awards are added on as star clusters of the appropriate metal. Clusters are abbreviated as GC, SC and BC. (Example: Gold Galaxy with 1 Gold Cluster and 2 Bronze Clusters = GGxGC2BC)

The Silver Galaxy (SGx)

This award resembles the Gold Galaxy except for being of silver. It is given for a second place finish in an online world championship and can be upgraded with silver and bronce clusters.

The Bronce Galaxy (BGx)

This award resembles the Gold Galaxy except for being of bronce. It is given for a third or fourth place finish in an online world championship and can be upgraded with bronce clusters.

Claw of Kedanya (CK-)

This award is applied as a cloth patch to the left arm of a Kedanya dress uniform. It is colored gold and carries one or several pins depending on what it was given for. Those who have not yet received this award may wear a silver version without pins in its place. Officers from Lt. Commander upwards always wear the golden variant, even if they have no pins (i.e. no actual award). Pins are bronce for a first award, silver for a second award and gold for a third award. (Abbreviation example: CK-GESWJ = Gold Engineer, Silver Writer and Jester)

The Claw and its emblems are awarded for significant contributions in one or more of these areas:

Artist's pin (A) : This resembles a palette with paintbrush and is given for graphical contributions
Writer's pin (W): This resembles a quill and is given for article or story contributions
Engineer's pin (E): This pin is shaped like the Classic Trek Engineering logo and is given for scripting and HTML work.
Referee's pin (R): Represented by a balance, this award is given to anyone full-judging five online games.
Jester's pin (J): Showing a smiling theatre mask, this emblem is given for provding ten CalWes and Flops strips or other diversions of a similar scope.

Medal of Citizenship (MoC)

A Kedanyizen will be presented this honour every month (providing some adequate nominations have been received).

This award can be given for nearly any reason, from being polite and friendly in the chat to greatly improving the quality of Kedanya Life in someway.

Nominations for the honour are made by any Kedanyizen nominating someone else, without them knowing. Nominations are made by sending an email to MoC Comitee. Within the e-mail, a reason of why the award has been earned should be detailed.

In the 3rd week of each month nominations close for a period of one week. During this time all the nominees are listed in a vote, this is where the administration has its say in who gets the final award in a vote. ONE (1) successful candidate will be award the final honour of the Medal of Citizenship each month.

Items of importance

  • Any Kedanyizen nominate another Kedanyizen, providng they have not been told.
  • Nominations should be kept secret, nominees will only be announced if they have been succesful.
  • You may NOT nominate yourself.
  • Nominations must be sent with a short and descriptive reason why the nominee should be awarded the medal
  • If the nominee is succesful the original reason for nomination will be published with the reciept of thier medal in thier profile.
  • If more than one nomination for the person is recieved in the same month, the first nominations reason will be the one published.
  • You may recieve the medal up to three (3) times. The medals will be known as the following
    1. First instance: Green Medal of Citizenship {MoC}
    2. Second instance: Blue Medal of Citizenship {MoCB}
    3. Third instance: Red Medal of Citizenship {MoCR}

    If you have recieved the Red Medal of Citizenship you will be offered a permanant position on the Medal Of Citizenship Commitee, which will otherwise usually consist of the members of Administration (1).

    Star of Versatility (SV)

    This medal is also worn on the left chest side. It is a plain star of a latinum / copper alloy. It can have from 3 to 10 points.

    It is given for playing at least three simultaneous online games. The number of points corresponds to the number of games. Only the highest such star is worn. The abbreviation indicates the number of points / games (e.g. SV8)

    Ribbon of Merit (RM)

    Being the basic merit award of Kedanya, this medal is a silver rendition of the Kedanya claw (or gold in case of more than 5 awards). It can be given for any service worth an award that does not qualify for any other award. It is also given for winning fun competitions or for attaining 2nd or 3rd place in a competition whose winner received an Interdimensional Key. Worn on the left chest side.

    1st award: Ribbon of Merit [Yellow]: RM
    2nd award: Ribbon of Merit [Orange]: RMO
    3rd award: Ribbon of Merit [Green]: RMG
    4th award: Ribbon of Merit [Blue]: RMB
    5th award: Ribbon of Merit [Red]: RMR
    6th award: Greater Ribbon of Merit [Yellow]: GRM
    (the sequence of ribbon colors repeats)
    10th award: Greater Ribbon of Merit [Red]: GRMR
    (no visual upgrades are made for 11th to 14th award)
    15th award: Greater Ribbon of Merit [Purple]: GRMP

    Gold Sphere (GSp)

    Actually a hemisphere of gold, circled with an iron band connected to the sphere at eight places. On the iron band, smaller spheres of gold, silver, bronce and iron indicate multiple awards (a total of nine awards can be shown, one in the center and eight on the ring). It is worn on the left chest side.

    It is given for winning any Kedanya tournament except a World Championship event. Upgrades are indicated as e.g. GSp2GB3I

    Silver Sphere (SSp)

    Like the gold sphere, just in silver, this is given for a 2nd place in any Kedanya tourney.

    Bronce Sphere (BSp)

    Like the gold sphere, just in bronce, this is given for a 3rd place in any Kedanya tourney.

    Iron Sphere (ISp)

    Like the gold sphere, just in iron, this is given for playing in and finishing any Kedanya tourney, including world championship events.

    Scholar's Hat (SH)

    This award is an actual hat of various colors. It is square, resembling a terran school graduation hat.

    It is given for winning or hosting an official trivia. Award classes are:

    Scholar's Hat (White, SH) Master's Hat (Green, 2 awards, SHM) Expert's Hat (Blue, 3 awards, SHX) Doctor's Hat (Red, 5 awards, SHD) Professor's Hat (Black, 10 awards, SHP) Laureate's Hat (Black w/ silver trim, 15 awards, SHL) Coryphea's Hat (Black w/ gold trim, 20 awards, SHC)

    Emblem of the [...]

    Available in ten versions, this award is given to anyone winning three games with an affiliation and posting those in the transcript archive. It may be given multiple times, each award for a different affiliation. It is a miniature, metallic version of the affiliation symbol on a small ribbon of appropriately color worn on the left chest, over the other awards.

    Abbreviations are EFd, EKl, ERm, EBj, ECd, EBg, EDm, EFg, EKz, Evi. Multiple awards are designated as e.g. EfgDmBj.

    Gem of Activity (GA)

    Given for playing a number of games, this award is a single gem set in silver. It is worn on the collar, on the opposite side of the rank pips:

    It counts all games (ST, SW, JK and B5. Two YJ, Warp Speed and/or Tribbles games count as one game for GA.)

    10 games: Crystal of Activity (GA) 30 games: Gem of Activity [Topaz] (GAT) 60 games: Gem of Activity [Emerald] (GAE) 100 games: Gem of Activity [Sapphire] (GAS) 150 games: Gem of Activity [Ruby] (GAR) 250 games: Gem of Activity [Diamond] (GAD)

    Trader's Pip (TP)

    Similar in size and shape to the Gem of activity and worn next to it, this pip is made of iron and set with enamel. It is given for successful online trades with Kedanyizens (note: the scale applied is the same as the GAB rank scale). You may count two trades with each person you traded with if they are at least six months apart

    1 trade: Trader's Pip [yellow] (TP)
    6 trades: Trader's Pip [green] (TPG)
    16 trades: Trader's Pip [blue] (TPB)
    31 trades: Trader's Pip [red] (TPR)
    51 trades: Trader's Pip [violet] (TPV)