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Kedanya Support - Chat Manual

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~ Prevents the line from showing up in the chatlogs. Usefull if you don't want anyone else to read it.
General Tags
<b>  Bold
<s>  Small
<xs>  Extra Small
<i>  Italics
<f>  Flip a coin
<xDy> Rolls x number of y sided dice. Produces the total roll.
<r Choice 1; Choice 2; Choice 3>  Random selection
<r # Choice 1; Choice 2; Choice 3>  Multiple Random selection (replace # with the number of items you want to select)
<slot>  A slot machine. Available in only private rooms with no limit.
<blankline> Shows you a random blankline. (MUCH easier than just posting a blankline) ;-)
<ip> Allows you to check your current IP.
<w username> Message  Whisper "Message" to "username" (note: username is caps sensitive)
<link> URL Link Name Creates a link to any desired URL. Leaving no Link Name will produce a generic "Random Link" name
<ignore> userID  Ignore all messages from the user logged in with the id "userid". "</ignore> userid" or "<unignore> userid" to end, or it will wear off in 60 minutes.
<seen> userID or handle Find out when the person with "userid" was last seen in that room.  
<gseen> userID or handle Find out when the person with "userid" was last seen at Kedanya.
<whois> userID or handle Displays the primary (default) handle of that userID or handle.
Gives you a random card for Robo Rally

Note: Spacing is important for some of the tags.  Make sure you include a space after the tag for theabove 3, and include the proper spacing within the random selection tags.

Chat Links

<faq> Returns link to Kedanya FAQ
<updater> Returns link to Personalization Center
<coc> Returns link to the Kedanya Code of Conduct
<rtfm> Returns link to this Manual
<cwaf> Returns link to Cal Wes anf Flops Comics
<caption> Returns link to the Caption Contest
<reunion> Returns link to the USS Reunion ongoing story
<quotes> Returns link to the Kedanya Quotes Page
<st>, <sw>, <lotr> Returns link to the respective genre main pages

Game Specific Links

Note: These links are game specific links; i.e., they will return a link to the page in the gaming area of the room you are in. If you're in the Main Bridge (a Star Trek Room), these links will link to their Star Trek version. If you're in the Twilight Pool (a Lord of the Rings Room), these links will link to their Lord of the Rings equivlent. If the rooms is not game specific (such as the Lounge), it will return a link to ALL games.

Please note all games may not have these areas complete at this time.

<bbs> Returns link to BBS for game area.

Lord of the Rings Gaming Tag

Note: These tags only work in the LotR rooms: The Last Homely House and Twilight Pool.

<card XYYY> Create a link to card #YYY of Set #X of the LotR database.
<tp X> Keeps track of Twilight Pool total for a given room. X = Number to add. If subtracting, put a negative sign in front of the number (i.e. <tp -4>
<tp reset> Resets the Twilight Pool count for that room.
<bid X> Place a bid (replace # with the number you'd like to bid)
<showbids> Will show all the bids placed, and clear the list for the next game. So if you're playing around with this tag, please remember to clear them at the end, so they don't confuse the next players. ;-)


Text colours
<yellow> <blue> <cyan> <white> <green> <red> <magenta><grey>
</color> or </c> to return to normal colour



<_at>  Austria
<_au>  Australia
<_be>  Belgium
<_ca>  Canada
<_de>  Germany
<_hr>  Croatia
<_ie>  Ireland
<_it>  Italy
<_jp>  Japan
<_ni>  Northern Ireland
<_nl>  Netherlands
<_nz>  New Zealand
<_pt>  Portugal
<_se>  Sweden
<_uk>  United Kingdom
<_us>  United States
<_za>  South Africa
<_US_ABBV>   Any United States State, identified by postal code.

Affiliation Icons

<_baj>  Bajoran
<_bor>  Borg
<_car>  Cardassian
<_dom>  Dominion
<_fed>  Federation
<_fer>  Ferengi
<_kli>  Klingon
<_rom>  Romulan
<_db>  Dark Jedi Brotherhood
<_eow>  Empire of Weirdness
<_ked>  Kedanya

Rank Icons

<_17> or <_adm>  Admiral
<_16> or <_va>  Vice Admiral
<_15> or <_ra>  Rear Admiral
<_14> or <_cpt>  Captain
<_13> or <_cmdr> Commander
<_12> or <_lcm> Lt. Commander
<_11> or <_lt> Lieutenant
<_10> or <_ltjg> Lieutenant j.g.
<_9> or <_ens> Ensign
<_8> or <_mcwo> Master Chief Warrant Officer
<_7> or <_cwo> Chief Warrant Officer
<_6> or <_wo> Warrant Officer
<_5> or <_cpo> Chief Petty Officer
<_4> or <_po> Petty Officer
<_3> or <_spc> Specialist
<_2> or <_spcjg> Specialist j.g.
<_1> or <_cmn> Crewman

Civilian Icons

<_arc>  Architect
<_holo> Hologram
<_civ10>   Diamond 
<_civ9> Ruby
<_civ8> Sapphire
<_civ7> Emerald
<_civ6> Topaz
<_civ5> Garnet
<_civ4> Opal
<_civ3> Amethyst
<_civ2> Quartz
<_civ1> Graphite