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Kedanya Support - Code of Conduct

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We hold to a policy of tolerance and respect for each other's veiws. This document is a guideline to what will or will not be tolerated at Kedanya Station. It is a work in progress, subject to change. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this document, please email the Kedanya Staff. All suggestions will be considered.

Violations of the Code of Conduct are grounds for a kick or ban, especially for repeat offences. If you witness a violation of the Code of Conduct and feel a need to report it, contact the Staff as well.

I. Politeness and Social Conduct

Any of the following behavior and actions are not acceptable in the chat rooms or on the boards. If you do any of the things listed below a Kedanya Staff Member can be paged (If there is not one present) and from there you will be warned. If you do not stop after one warning you will be kicked for fifteen minutes. If you are kicked three times you will be banned for a time to be determined by the Kedanya Flag Members.

1) No “swear words”. No by-passing filtered words. Note: Just because a word is not filtered does not mean it is acceptable.

2) Any Class discrimination whether against race, religion, gender, age, or even interest is not acceptable. Use discretion when conversing about these subjects.

3) Insulting behavior can be seen differently by every person. If a person is insulted by the way you are acting, or by what you are saying and you do not stop when you realize the effect you are having (If you did not know it was insulting) actions will be taken as listed above. It is not ok to insult anyone.

4) Disruptive behavior is not allowed. Disruptive behavior includes flooding, and actions which do not allow others to chat.

5) Cyber-Sex, Sexual Innuendo, and talks of violence are not allowed. These chat rooms are visited by minors; conversations should reflect consideration for young people. If you wish to take part in conversation which involves such things please take it to a private room.

6) Links to cyber-sex, or inappropriate websites will not be acceptable. “Don’t click on my link” is not a valid excuse.

7) If a user is being insulting through whispers there is no way for an Admin to monitor this. We suggest ignoring the user and e-mailing a Kedanya Staff Member a complaint.

8) Spamming is not allowed. If you post Spam (being links to porn, to other sites, etc repeatedly) on the Boards, or in the Chats you will be banned for a durations to be determined by the Kedanya Flag Staff.
II. Gaming and Fair Play

The following behaviors are unacceptable during games or role-playing sessions and will be handled accordingly by the admin in charge of the games
and role-playing. Warnings will be issued if you are doing any of the following, from there kicks, and bans from both future games/tournaments, or
the chat.

1) Unacceptable behavior during Role-Playing Games (RPG) is up to the discretion of the person running the RPG. If the DM asks you to stop your behavior for whatever reason and you do not you will have actions taken against you.

2) Disruptive behavior during any games (RPG or card games) in gaming rooms will not be tolerated. When asked to leave please do. You may watch games but if asked to leave do. If a user does not leave and is being very disruptive, page an admin, and from there actions will be taken against the user. Note: To show your post is outside the RPG please post in brackets.

3) Un-sport man like Conduct. Using the DGMA website as a standard for CCG’s (Collectible card Games) any actions (Such as cheating) will not be allowed. Actions will be taken against the user.

Please note that, in case of a dispute about gaming rules, the decision of the administration is final!

III. Administration Policy

The following actions are enforced by the administration as policy. Violating these actions is grounds for warning and a kick or immediate ban,
at the discretion of the administration.

1) You are only allowed one ID per person. Any actions taken under your ID you will be responsible for. Creating multiple ID’s is not allowed and will not be accepted. All User Names (or Nicks) must be at least two characters long.

2) Impersonation of another player, or person’s handle is not allowed. This includes default and auxiliary handles and handles which appear on the Hall of Fame

3) A Kedanya Staff member is seen to be acting with Authority when he/or she is using a colored handle. At any other time the way they are acting is out of he or she’s position and is not to reflect the views of the administration but only their personal views.

4) A Kedanya Staff member must investigate when a complaint arises or if there is sufficient reasons to believe someone has violated the Code of Conduct. If the complaint is deemed to be reason for action, the administration will be informed and appropriate action will be taken. User
are entitled a response within Ten Calendar days unless special notice is given.

5) The administration has the right to delete off-topic posts from the Boards. The deletion of a post can be a result of being off topic, or
insulting, etc.

6) If you have an avatar which is too large for the given restrictions you will be asked to remove it, not doing so will result in action taken against
the user.

7) It is not allowed to use any information from another player. (AKA- User’s e-mail address from Hall of Fames, or personal Data) for any use outside of Kedanya.

8) Private rooms are not logged. The administration has no power to enforce our Code of Conduct in those rooms. Private rooms are also only for Kedanya uses. You are not allowed to use Kedanya private rooms to enhance your own site. Doing this will result in an immediate, permanent ban.

9) It is not ok to pretend or assume any administrative authority without having been duly endowed with such authority. This includes “jokes” that in the past have been “I am in command of the station”, or “this is my chat”. Actions will be taken.

10) Kedanya may not be used to pass on illegal maters, such as warez, and pornography. (This is including but not limited to).

11) Commercial advertising of any kind will not be allowed unless you are a current active sponsor, or have obtained prior permission.

12) The Code of Conduct applies only to Kedanya Station. AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN, etc are outside the realm of Kedanya, and complaints based/regarding them will not be responded to. (Note: Logs can be used as supporting information in complaints but the basis of the complaint must be in Kedanya. Example: If someone is harassing you in Kedanya, and from there harass you on AIM, ICQ, or MSN you can use the logs as supporting information.)

13) A reminder that if three kick occur as a result of Violations of the Code of Conduct a Ban will occur that will be determined by the Kedanya Flag Staff.

14) All complaints regarding this Code of Conduct, or a member of this administration should be e-mailed to one or more Kedanya Flag Staff. (See Life Support for Current Team Leaders). This is the only acceptable method of lodging a complaint; please make sure you e-mail the correct people.
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