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Kedanya Support - Contact List

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Kedanya Admin Team

Wesley Crusher Commanding Officer Overall responsible for the well-being and development of the entire station. He coordinates the work of all departments.
Lwaxana Troi Executive Officer Coordinates longterm projects, also serves as a
contact point for the general membership to voice concerns that need addressing.

Security Officer Deals with concerns of a disciplinary nature as well as with proofing the station's coding against intrusion.
Maelwys Operations Officer Manages the day-to-day activities for the membership.
Isabella Medical Officer Recordkeeper as well as Acedemy management. Processesnew cadets until they graduate to full field officers.
Lt. Taurik Engineering Officer Maintains software codebase of Kedanya. Responsible for ensuring consistent layout
and functionality.
Spock Science Officer Maintains reference and database sections of Kedanya. Primary author and editor for strategy and game-related articles.