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Kedanya Support - FAQs

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Kedanya's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here at Kedanya, we get alot of questions from people new to the site. Here are the more common questions we get, along with answers ;-).

Q : How do I get an image in the avatar ?
A : Simple. Go To Personalize, and click on Avatar Upload at the top. There you can upload upto 3 images, and use them in the avatar. To make it appear in the avatar, you either have to make it your default avatar image, OR, when you make the new handle, put the URL in the 'Image URL' box.

Q : How do I change my handle ?
A : Well, there are two ways to do this. First, you can change your default handle (the handle you registered with), to do this, enter 'idutil' in HTML brackets in the chats. Second, you can make additional handles. To do this, simply fill out the boxs under the main chat box and click save.

Q : How do I do that ?
A : There are alot of functions in the chats that you can use with 'tags' - rolling dice, making images appear, randomizing, and so much more. To find out how to do these, use 'rtfm' in HTML brackets in the chats to make a link.

Q : What does 911 mean ?
A : If two people say the same thing right after each other, sometimes, someone will type '911'. It simply means duplicated words / lines.

Q : How do I know who an admin is ?
A : You can tell who an admin is by looking in the avatar (admins have a special icon), or, if they are acting in an official function, they will have a colored handle.

Q : What is that yellow dot with a 'K' in the avatar ?
A : That yellow circle represents someone who sponsors Kedanya (aka, gives money to maintain the site). We Thank These Generous People.

Q : Who Runs What ?
A : Alot of people wonder who runs certain things. You can find most of them in the Admin listing.

Q : Who 'owns' Kedanya, and who created it ?
A : This question comes up quite a bit. Wesley Crusher started Kedanya. He and some people who worked hard on it owns it.

And Last, The Most Asked Question At Kedanya Station....

Q : Can I be an admin ?
A : No. Well, maybe someday, but asking is the best way to insure it never happens. (Trust me on that one ;-)).

Got More Questions ? Ask in the chat room, someone is sure to help you out.