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Welcome to the support area of Kedanya Station. From here you can access various resources to aid you at Kedanya including contact addresses, Frequently Asked Questions, and Tutorials. Click one of the links to go to that area.


Code of Conduct - Here you can find Kedanya's Code of Conduct which must be followed by all users.

Contact List - Here you can find a list of people and email addresses of various activities at Kedanya, including tech support, Code of Conduct violations, and more.

FAQ - Here you can find a collection of FAQs for many of Kedanya's areas.

Tutorials - Here you can find tutorials on Kedanya Station and how to use them.

Kedanya Awards - Here you can find information about awards on Kedanya and how to get them.

Sponsor Kedanya! - Find out how YOU can help keep Kedanya alive, and purchase your own webspace on it.