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Have you ever wondered how you can support Kedanya, and keep it on it's own server?  Or how you can get some web space?  Or your very own chat room?  Well here is how.

Web hosting
You can basically build a site about any game that you play (RPG/Strategy/Sim/Puzzle) that you feel like building a site based on. 

Site rental fees will be:
Site TypeMonthly SubscriptionYearly Subscription
Basic site$2/month
Site with access to CGI, and some technical help from the Red Team to get that CGI running well $5/month
Your very own chat room. Identical to the regular Kedanya ones. $10/month

 For more information on these please contact Maelwys.


This is a list of our current supporters.  We thank-you very much.  You will be able to recognize these generous people in the chats by this icon.
(In no particular order)

the Green Knight
James J. Phantom
Wesley Crusher
Lwaxana Troi
Delta Flyer
Vedek Rohlof
Geezer Kes (Patty)
Jean-Luc of Borg