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Kedanya Support - Tutorials

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The Kedanya tutorials are designed to help people learn about Kedanya, and help them get things done.Please Select from the list of tutorials below.

The tutorial section is split in to two parts. One is for matters strictly related to Kedanya, the other covers CCG's.


Kedanya Chats
The many chatrooms at Kedanya Station have alot of options, and things you may not have seen before.This tutorial will help you understand the chats a little better.

Kedanya Ranks and organisation
Kedanya Station uses 'ranks' to show activity on the station, both for players, and people who just like to hang out here. This tutorial gives you everything you need to know about the ranks.

Kedanya Bulliten Board System (BBS)
There is a large BBS system in place at Kedanya Station. This tutorial takes a look at how it works.

Almost everything that you see at Kedanya can be customized to exactally the way you want it. This long tutorial takes an in-depthlook at your preferences.


Playing Online
Many players would like to play the game online, but simply don't know how. This tutorial is designed to teach you how to do just that.

An Introduction into STCCG
Interested in playing Star Trek ? Take this tutorial to learn a bit more about it.