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Kedanya BBS

Kedanya Station uses a large BBS system for many purposes, among them Tournaments, Trading, RPG, etc. Knowing what the different BBS' are for and how to use them will make your time at Kedanya more enjoyable.

The Different BBS' at Kedanya Station and it's use :

  • Kedanya BBS

  • More of an 'Official BBS' - used for announcements, pages, etc.

  • Auction and Trade BBS

  • For all of your auction and trading needs - post have/want lists, auction updates, etc.

  • Deck Design BBS

  • Want Deck Ideas ? Want your new deck reviewed ? This is the place to do it.

  • Dream Card BBS

  • Gotta brand new Dream Card you wanna show off ? Wanna look at your friends dream cards ? You've come to the right place.

  • Kedanya RPG BBS

  • You an RPG'er ? Want to start RPGing ? Kedanya is home to a very interesting, unique RPG.

  • Politics BBS

  • Gotta Problem with something ? Wanna voice your opinion ? Just wanna see whats up ? This is the place to look.

  • Story BBS

  • Kedanya's Story BBS is a BBS where people each post small parts of an on going saga. Very Interesting.

  • Support and Feedback BBS

  • Run into a technical problem ? Wanna suggest a new feature ? Check out the Support and Feedback BBS.

  • Tournament BBS

  • Kedanya is home to many on going tournaments. Wanna be in the next ISOWC ? Wanna see who is winning SOTC ? Then you are at the right place.

    Using the Kedanya BBS' is pretty self explanatory. You have a field for your name, your email (those two are automatically filled in), the subject for your post, and then the actual message box. Below that you have a box to insert a link to your post, a title for that link, and finally, a box to put the URL of an image to attatch to your post. There is also two more boxes, one will email you all replies to your post, the other lets you add your custom signature.

    A few notes : 1) You can use HTML in your BBS post, but not the subject line. 2) There IS an edit button, if you make a mistake, use it instead of re-posting. 3) Admins will be noted by a colored handle.