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Kedanya Support - Tutorials

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The Kedanya chats are alot different from other chats you may have used before, and can be quite confusing the first few times you come to the station. This tutorial is designed to help you learn you way around the chats, and there is even a few visual aids.

Part 1 : Avatar

The avatar gives you all the information you need about your fellow chatters. Here is a step by step review of the avatar.

A. Reload Button
This one is self explanatory. Pressing this button with your mouse will reload, or refresh, the avatar. The system will automatically reload the avatar every few minutes.

B. Who's On? Button
This on is also self explanatory. Clicking this button will open a new window with everyone who has said something in the chat(s) in the last 15 minutes.

C. Log Off Button
Another self explanatory one ;-). Click this button to log out of Kedanya. Useful if you share your computer with others.

D. Admin Pager
This one is a bit more complicated. If you are ever in the chats and a problem arrises, either technical or chatter related, you can use this pager. It basically sends an email to all the admins, and chances are, at least one is online somewhere, and can come help you with your problem. Abuse of this pager when not needed can lead to a kick/ban and loss of Pager abbilities.

E. Avatar Image
All chatters have the option to have an 'avatar image'. This can be stored on Kedanya, or come from an outside source. The avatars add a bit of 'flavor' to the chat. Please try to keep the size of your avatar under 30 KB. Anything over can get you a warning/kick. If you ever exceed 100 KB, you will be kicked, and lose avatar capabilities.

F. Sponsor Icon
This icon shows someone who sponsors Kedanya.org.

G. Admin Icon
These icons, which all look a little different, show someone who is an administrator (admin) of Kedanya Station. These people maintain the station, as well as patroling the chats, and other duties. If they ask you to do something in the chats, please do it. Also, when they are acting in an official function, they will have a colored handle in the chats (see below).

H. Ranks
Kedanya Station uses ranks to show involvement on the Station.

I. Handle/Link
Each person's name appears in the avatar. Users have the option to put a link in the avatar. When you first get an ID, your default link will be http://www.kedanya.org.

J. Kedanya ID
Under you name in the avatar, there will be a small link which is your Kedanya ID. By clicking this link, you can go to that users profile.

K. Idle Time
The Last thing you see in each avatar entry is that person's 'idle time'. This tells you the last time that person said something in the chat.

Part 2 : Chat Frame

The chat frame is where all the action takes place. Above is just a small excerpt from the chat. Note the dark red handle, that is an admin (no one was actually kicked from the room, that was done just for this tutorial ;-) ) acting in an official function. Also, the numbers before each line, those are for using the Log utility, which allows you to retrieve past conversations (see below). The numbers go upto 150,000 and then start back at 1.

Part 3 : Text box area

This is the text box area (much larger than it normally is though ;-)). We will go through each part of this frame step by step.

Lets Start at the top. The first thing is a text box. This is your gateway to the chat room. By typing in this box, and then pressing 'enter' or clicking 'say it', your words will appear in the chat. Pressing 'Clear' will empty the box. On the next row, we have the handle area. In the drop down menu, there will be a list of all the handles you have saved. Next to that is an edit and delete utility, which like it says, can edit and/or delete you handle(s). If you click edit, the system will automatically fill in the text boxs in the 'settings' area with the current info. You can then change it, and press save and the handle will be updated. Now back up a bit, there is an 'admin post' box. This will only work if you are an admin at Kedanya. If you are not, nothing will happen. Now down a bit, we have the different chat rooms. By clicking these radio buttons, you can go to the different chat rooms.

Now down to the next section, the game buttons. These will only appear if you have choosen to have them be there in your preferences (see the tutorial on preferences for more info). By clicking the various boxes, those symbols will appear before you name telling others that you are looking for a game. And the last section, the Chat Log Utility. If you have nog numbers for a specific conversation, and you want to go read it, you can enter the log numbers, and you will get a pop-up with the conversation.

Part 4 : Custom Frame

The custom frame is an option you have to enable in your preferences. It allows you to make buttons, links, and a variety of other little things. To set up a custom frame, go to your preferences.